About Us

        My name is Nathan Pring, probably like you, for the past year I have been searching diligently for a program or plan that would work for me and it's finally since moving into my home 5 years ago. We live in a rural area on a wooded lot. I was not able to get any kind of internet service. Everywhere I looked I was running up against restricted data, poor bandwidth and infrastructure issues. Finally, I found this program.

        My family has been in the RV industry for the past 40 years. Knowing that this plan would work for other people, I set in motion a plan to broker these packages to other individuals that have my same problem or may just have mobile lifestyles but get a 4G LTE cellular signal. In an ever-changing marketplace, these plans do change that's why I would urge you to take a look at these plans. Apply before they are no longer offered in this never changing industry.